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Originally from Mexico City, I hold a BS in Biochemistry and a specialty in Biopharmaceutical Science from ULSA in Mexico. When I decided to become a teacher in 2008, I completed the SJSU teacher credentialing program. I am a founding AdVENTURE teacher, a Google Certified Educator and an Edmodo Luminary and Ambassador. You could say I love my tech!

I am a firm believer that Science education provides a strong foundation for students to develop the skills they will need to succeed in college and career. Students are intrinsically curious. Science feeds that curiosity and the desire to learn about the world helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the real-world. I teach to empower students to become creators of knowledge. I am also always looking for new ways to teach and make my content fun and exciting to the students. This spirit of improvement has provided me several very rewarding personal achievements as a published curriculum author for BetterLesson.com, NEA Master Teacher Mentor, 2013 Globaloria Teacher of the Year, 2014 SCCOE/TI STEM Teacher of the Year, and 2018 SVCUE Teacher of the Year.

I invite you to visit my 7th grade lessons at http://betterlesson.com/
My main mode of delivery is PBL. If you want/need project ideas, head on over to http://teachingabovethetest.blogspot.com/p/pbl.html where I have posted all the PBL experiences I have developed and used in my classroom.
I have also posted many free resources on Edmodo Spotlight. Check them out at https://spotlight.edmodo.com/profile/mariana-garcia,1952426/

To talk about gamification, PBL and all things Edmodo, 

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