I am sure that many of you are familiar with the foldable idea. There are books and blogs specifically dedicated to them, and the whole interactive notebook movement is still making the rounds. Although I love the idea, I am more of an #edtech teacher and tend to prefer to find opportunities for students to create digitally. That is until I am absent from the classroom, and I need to find an activity that ties into what we are doing and that will not need the use of devices. Too many times I've been burned by either my sub not knowing the rules of using tech with students or my students taking that absence as an opportunity to be off-task on their devices under the guise of "doing research".

For those times, I find that foldables are "just right" in that they allow for a bit of scaffolding, but they are easy enough for students to handle without my presence. However, when I am in that pickle of needing a foldable, I end up having to pay someone for it, which is why I've decided to collect the ones I've created for my students and share them for free. You are welcome to share them the same way (for free and with no strings attached). Do not just make a copy of my stuff and post if for sale on any site. That is just rude.

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