Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Periodic Table Pixel Art - A Digital Activity

A couple of years ago I created a periodic table pixel art activity inspired by a card sort activity published by the ACS. This morning Ms. Widrig shared a really cool mystery picture activity within the Facebook Group Digital INBs and Binders, an amazing group of educators that have come together to share ideas, lessons, and activities in preparation for the digital re-opening of schools in 2020. Mashing what I had with her example, I transformed 5 of my original sets of  30+ clues into a digital activity.

In the interest of sharing forward, here is a link to a force copy of the complete set for you to download/use/adapt for use in your own classrooms. The complete activity is self-checking (including capitalization), making it a good activity for assessment or review.

Digital Periodic Table Pixel Art File

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Cross Cutting Concepts Graphic Organizers for Digital Notebooks

For a while now I've been working with the NGSS's cross-cutting concepts, inviting my students to take ownership of them. As part of this process, I have often used graphic organizers to help my students process and make connections between big ideas. This year, as we move completely away from paper, and into the world of digital notebooks, I knew that I would need to transform all of the organizers and prompts I've collected over the years into digital versions so my students could add to them into their digital notebooks. I am finally done, and as always I am sharing them with any teacher that needs them.

In order to create your own copy of the slide deck where the organizers are found, click here.

It is important to mention that the organizers have no instructions other than textholders stating "type here".

These slides are intended not as a stand-alone digital notebook, but rather as masters that can be added to your existing notebooks. If you are unsure about how to add them to your own teacher digital notebook, you may wish to watch this video.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Digital Interactive Notebooks

Over the last month, and with the uncertainty of how we will re-open, I decided to make a move to digital notebooks using Google slides. Taking inspiration from Matt Miller's Google Slides Interactive Notebooks, as well as the thousands of teachers that came before me and graciously published templates (SlidesMania comes to mind) and YouTube videos, I came up with about 20 that I plan to use. As you know, I am all about sharing so I am publishing them all here for you to peruse and make copies if you wish.