Mystery Pixel Art

For a couple of months now I've been "drawing" pixel art to use with my students. What started with a simple, "Oh that looks cool" quickly snowballed into a passion. I of course do not have every topic imaginable, but I have managed to create over 40 science-specific Mystery Pixel Art Activities specifically at the middle school level, though some could be used in higher or lower grades. 

All of the links shared below are force copies and shared with anyone can view. However some school districts do not allow access to any material from outside their domain. If this is your case, the only solution is to make a copy into your personal account, download it to your device and then upload it as a new file into your school domain account. 

 All of the activities are shared freely, and you are free to share them the same way. Do not just make a copy of my stuff and post if for sale on any site. That is just rude. 

For those of you that are interested to learn how to make them, there are many videos on YouTube that show you how, such as


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