Friday, July 5, 2013

Project Based Learning

Aside from the 20% project, I have also been updating my PBL units. When I started, these read like webquests, but as I have become more comfortable with giving students choice, and becoming more familiar with  PBL, some have become entry documents.You can take a look here: Project Binder.

I have run all of these projects in my class, some more successfully than others. Human Body 2.0 (geared towards 7th grade) for example, was one of the ones that ended up having mixed success. The students were definitely engaged and came up with wonderful ideas. However, they had trouble with the end products as they had a hard time conceptualizing that when you change one system, there are others that need to change too. How will I run it differently? I am still thinking about it, but I will definitely run it again.

On the flip side, Evolution, gave rise to great connections such as the cladogram created by one team that tied in the learning about evolution to the evolution of video games:

For more exemplary projects visit us at AdVENTURE.

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