Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Plate Tectonics Google Map

For several years I have been teaching Plate Tectonics to students and we have done several paper-pencil activities that have to do with plotting earthquakes, volcanos and landforms on maps. Over those years, I've searched far and wide for a Google map that included the outlines of the plates in the hopes of turning those activities into a digital product. I've only ever found Google Earth maps with this feature and while cool, the idea of navigating Google Earth with students has always been daunting. This year I had some time and decided to create my own Plate Tectonics Google map.

The link to the map, which you can see above and can use to make a copy is If you decide to use it, I only ask that you share it forward, freely, to any teacher who may also be looking for it.

The project I use it for, which includes not only the link but also a Google slide deck with instructions on how to make a copy of the map, add markers and share it (see below), can be downloaded here

If you do download it, consider leaving a review. Thanks!

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